Morning of anticipation

Just had breakfast this morning at Hup Soon coffeeshop. Wan Tan Mee and Pan Mee soup with my wife. Now eagerly waiting at Klinik Rakyat to see doctor for pregnancy test.

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Malay words originating from Portuguese

500 years ago on July 25th, 1411,  the Portuguese led by Alfonso de Alburquerque invaded Malacca and had since left a legacy in Malaysia..  see the attached newspaper link..

I think the most significant legacy is the impact on the Malay language…

“…….Fourth, interaction with the Portuguese led to the expansion of the Malay vocabulary, with around 400 words in the Malay lexicon originating from Portuguese such as bendera, gereja, jendela, keju, kemeja, meja, minggu, sekolah and roda……  “

Here’s some translation I checked with Google translate..   interesting..     I wonder what are the other 390 words..

        Malay – Portuguese

1)     Bendera – Bandeira (Flag)

2)     Gereja – Igreja (Church)

3)     Jendela – Janela (Window)

4)     Keju – Queijo (Cheese)

5)     Kemeja – Camisa (Shirt)

6)    Meja – Mesa / Tabela (Table)

7)    Minggu – Domingo (Sunday)… not quite correct translation.  Minggu means week.

8)    Sekolah – Escola (School)

9)    Roda – Roda (Wheel)

10)  Almari – Armario (Wardrobe)   (Cupboard – Armario)

Updated : 2 Aug 2011

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Fish Head Noodle Lunch

Lunch at SS20 Fish Head Noodle in Damansara Kim. Nice clean air con environment. Tables are full. Food must be good. Will shall see later when it arrives. Mix crowd. Elderly couples. Families. Married couples. Dating couples. I like this place. Will definitely come back.

Here’s some photos of the menu. Just few choices. Simple and easy.






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